A Design Challenge: The Impact of Technology on Comfort and Convenience in the Kitchen

A Design Challenge

Course Description

Too often, kitchen product technology innovations are associated with gizmos and gadgets. Light systems controlled by a smart phone, refrigerators that talk to the cook. While we all look forward to such thought-provoking “what’s next” ideas ... today ... it is equally important to search out the details of products we specify that will enhance the comfort or add to the convenience of kitchens we create. For example: operational cabinet hardware, multi-height gathering area furniture, appliance technology, or more energy-efficient lighting systems, that will increase the value of our kitchens design solutions.

In this seminar, Ellen Cheever, Mary Jo Peterson and Susan Broderick will discuss new information about, as well as show examples of technology innovations in kitchen products that can enhance the comfort or increase the convenience of kitchen spaces for modern families.


Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever and Associates
Mary-Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD
Mary-Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD
Mary-Jo Peterson, Inc.
Susan Broderick, CKD, CBD, CID, UDCP
Susan Broderick, CKD, CBD, CID, UDCP
Broderick Design Associates
Janice Costa
Janice Costa
Editor, Kitchen & Bath Design News

Posted: Nov 2012
Sponsor: Jenn-Air
Subjects: Kitchens
Cost: Free of Charge
Video Length: 1:21:52
* Quiz required for AIA and IDCEC

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the kitchen design ramifications of multi-generational family formations that are resulting in new home designs that feature one traditionally equipped kitchen and a small secondary kitchen.
  2. Review available products from cabinet companies, interior storage system providers and other equipment manufactures that offer improved convenience and comfort for a variety of users gathering in a residential kitchen environment.
  3. Provide examples of ways to improve the convenience and comfort of gathering spaces: seating areas, table areas, snack counters, raised bar height tops. Equipment that changes form or function so that it serves a variety of tasks will be highlighted.
  4. Introduce new appliance innovations and design placement ideas for all major kitchen equipment.
  5. Detail emerging LED lighting technologies so designers have a clear understanding of these illumination systems.

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