What's New in Kitchen Ventilation: From Design Trends to Performance Improvements

What's New in Kitchen Ventilation

Course Description

This one-hour lively PowerPoint seminar is presented by Ellen Cheever, ASID, CMKBD, CAPS, Morton Block, CMKBD, IIDA, CAPS, and Judith Neary, CMKBD. This program will begin with a design-focused pictorial review of unusual ventilation systems introduced at recent European trade shows. The content will then focus on how spot exhaust systems extract airborne contaminants. New ventilation technology, as well as re-engineered systems will be highlighted. Planning guidelines will be reviewed. Installation tips will be shared. The session will conclude with a gallery of kitchens created with great looking and great working ventilation systems.


Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever and Associates
Morton Block, CMKDB, IIDA, CAPS
Morton Block, CMKDB, IIDA, CAPS
Morton Block Associates
Judith  A. Neary, CMKDB
Judith A. Neary, CMKDB
Studio K B
Janice Costa
Janice Costa
Editor, Kitchen & Bath Design News

Posted: June 2012
Sponsor: Jenn-Air
Subjects: Kitchens
Cost: Free of Charge
Video Length: 1:05:16
* Quiz required for AIA and IDCEC

Learning Objectives

  1. Show European ventilation system designs so attendees see new, creative ways of meeting the functional requirements of the ventilation system, as well as enhancing their design aesthetic.
  2. Explain the technical details of a ventilation system in the house, as well as the duct path leaving the dwelling so that designers understand an effective ventilation system starts with the placement of the ventilation appliance, and is completed by a proper duct path. This information will lead designers to plan and specify systems that function properly.
  3. Introduce attendees to the re-engineered proximity and telescoping downdraft products available so the designers can take a fresh look at this ventilation technology.
  4. Explain new ventilation system alternatives (such as duct-free proximity ventilation, perimetric ventilation) so that designers are confident in proposing a wider variety of ventilation solutions to their consumer.

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