Food Preservation Equipment: What's New in Appliance Technology; What's New in Appliance Design Location Ideas

Integrating Appliances into a Kitchen Plan

Course Description

The program will go beyond the basic planning criteria of conveniently locating the refrigerator/freezer in the food preparation center of the kitchen. Our presenter, Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS, will explain new appliance configurations offering design professionals a wide array of food preservation equipment available to specify.

How cooling, chilling and freezing systems operate will be highlighted in the program. Planning standards for refrigerator/freezer placement and use will be reviewed, followed by a discussion of how creative designers are expanding on these basic planning principles to personalize their proposed kitchen solutions for prospective clients.

After this technical discussion, Ellen will share a portfolio of kitchens created by talented designers who have taken a fresh look at unique food preservation equipment and location ideas for both large and small kitchen spaces. She will also share a collection of plans featuring a series of optional solutions and the design details employed to integrate the appliances into the overall room landscape.


Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever and Associates

Posted: June 2015
Sponsor: Jenn-Air
Subjects: Kitchens
Cost: Free of Charge
Video Length: 1:19:39
* Quiz required for AIA and IDCEC

Learning Objectives

  1. An overview of how food is preserved in cooling, chilling and freezing appliances, so attendees understand what optimum preservation goals are for appliances specified in a residential kitchen.
  2. A presentation of typical appliance sizes available and installation recommendations will introduce or remind attendees of sizing and placement options appropriate for both small and large kitchen spaces.
  3. The operational systems available for food preservation appliances will be explained, so attendees have a better understanding of the advantages and concerns around available refrigeration/freezer appliances.
  4. Industry-accepted planning standards will be reviewed, so all design ideas suggested can be critiqued based on these industry standards.
  5. A collection of kitchen plans with unusual food preservation equipment used and a series of kitchen plans with various optional solutions will be shared, so attendees are exposed to new, creative appliance location and installation ideas.

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