Problem Solving Kitchens: Designing for Younger Generations and Your Best Boomer Friends

Problem Solving Kitchens

Course Description

During a one-hour lively PowerPoint presentation, Ellen Cheever, ASID, CMKBD, CAPS and Julia Johnston, CKD, CAPS, will identify design preferences and lifestyle differences between various groups of American families called Generation Y, Generation X, Trailing Edge Baby Boomers, Leading Edge Baby Boomers and Matures. A collection of concept kitchens created specifically for each of these families and several different types of cooks will also be presented.


Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS
Ellen Cheever and Associates
Julia Johnston, CKD, CAPS
Julia Johnston, CKD, CAPS
Owner, Kitchens for Cooking
Janice Costa
Janice Costa
Editor, Kitchen & Bath Design News

Posted: May 2012
Sponsor: Jenn-Air
Subjects: Kitchens
Cost: Free of Charge
Video Length: 1:05:51
* Quiz required for AIA and IDCEC

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify different lifestyles and design preferences for five age-specific categories of consumers, so that attendees learn how each group varies, as well as ways design professionals can target their planning process to match what the prospective client values.
  2. Present a collection of concept kitchens in plan and photo realistic rendering views to share detailed kitchen design ideas, so that attendees learn about current kitchen planning concepts that go beyond guidelines published in the past.
  3. Learn the specifics of existing and emerging heat transference/cooking methods so the designer becomes more familiar with cooking equipment technological innovations.
  4. Discuss the aesthetics of concept kitchens created for the Generation X client, so that attendees are introduced to new man-made surfacing and other design materials considered to be "authentic" by the emerging younger consumer professional designers will serve in 2013+.
  5. Present both urban and vacation home plans accompanied by recommendations for designing multi-functioning kitchen spaces, so that attendees learn more about "right-sized" kitchen designs which provide both gathering and cooking spaces in limited square footage.
  6. Share an extensive bibliography of materials related to demographic information focused on generational differences in American families, so that attendees have a reference for future self-study.

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