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Creating the Prep/Clean-up and Cooking Centers in a Contemporary Kitchen WEBINAR

Creating the Prep/Clean-up and Cooking Centers in a Contemporary Kitchen

Experienced designers have seen a major increase in the equipment specified in residential kitchens. The rooms we create today have exploded from a single sink, refrigerator and range appliance package to multi-layered, multi-tasking centers of activity for one cook… or more. During this webinar, Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS will review emerging appliance technology offered in equipment for two of the kitchen's activity centers: the sink area and the cooking area. Ellen will also suggest placement ideas useful to kitchen designers struggling to find the space in their cabinetry for all these appliances! Attendees will be introduced to an expanded view of traditional kitchen planning centers which better suit kitchens used by multiple cooks with differing approaches to entertaining. These ideas, planning tips and location solutions will be detailed in a showcase of great kitchens that functionally serve a wide variety of clients interested in expansive food prep/clean-up areas, as well as multi-layered cooking centers.

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Kitchen Planning for the Generations POWERPOINT

Kitchen Planning for the Generations

Appliance technologies and the kitchen's place in the home have changed drastically over the past twenty years. Modern kitchens have grown in size and are now the heart of the home for entertaining, dining and working. Many times there are several people cooking at the same time. Given these scenarios, it is important to consider the entire range of users, from young children to the elderly. In this course we will discuss how kitchen planning can serve the needs of three generations, from Generation Y (aka Millennials) to the Baby Boomers. We will focus on how these groups differ in their vision of how a kitchen should function, style preferences, appliance requests, acceptance or integration of technology into the space, and universal design.

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Food Preservation Equipment: What's New in Appliance Technology; What's New in Appliance Design Location Ideas WEBINAR

Food Preservation Equipment: What's New in Appliance Technology; What's New in Appliance Design Location Ideas

How cooling, chilling and freezing systems operate will be highlighted in the program. Planning standards for refrigerator/freezer placement and use will be reviewed, followed by a discussion of how creative designers are expanding on these basic planning principles to personalize their proposed kitchen solutions for prospective clients.

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Industry Trends in Kitchen Design POWERPOINT

Industry Trends in Kitchen Design

This course will identify key trends on the horizon that relate to kitchen design and product specification. The course will cover advances in appliance, fixture, finish and material technology, as well as trends in space planning and kitchen connectivity.

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The "Two Kitchen" Home of the Future WEBINAR

The Two Kitchen Home of the Future

Designers know the kitchen is the heart of the home ... however, an intriguing trend is emerging – for many homes, a second support kitchen is being requested.

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Design Details: Integrating Appliances into a Kitchen Plan WEBINAR

Design Details: Integrating Appliances into a Kitchen Plan

Whether Contemporary or Traditionally styled, today's sophisticated kitchens require careful appliance location detailing. While many kitchen designers do not provide the appliances, product knowledge and planning expertise around these important pieces of equipment is highly valued by today's consumer. Therefore, kitchen experts need to be well versed in the details of appliance operation, and be creative when locating them in the plan.

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Creating Kitchens for Clients Who Enjoy Entertaining WEBINAR

Creating Kitchens for Clients Who Enjoy Entertaining

Regardless of the type of entertaining space, kitchen planners need to ask more questions to learn what the prospective client really means when they say, "We entertain in our kitchen." The specialist must also be familiar with unique appliances designed to make entertaining easy for the hostess, and have a good grasp of how much seating and standing space is required for people to comfortably gather together in.

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A DESIGNER'S CHALLENGE: Understanding New Oven Cooking Technologies, from Performance Capabilities to Location Possibilities WEBINAR

Understanding New Oven Cooking Technologies

While these new appliances are popular with homeowners planning a new kitchen, they test the planner's space management talents. "Where to put them?" is a new question challenging kitchen specialists. This detailed equipment discussion will be followed by practical "how to" information about where these new innovative appliances might be located in both large and small spaces.

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A Design Challenge: The Impact of Technology on Comfort and Convenience in the Kitchen WEBINAR

A Design Challenge

Increase the value of your kitchen design solutions by considering technology innovations that enhance the comfort or increase the convenience of rooms you create. Explore items such as operational cabinet hardware, multi-height gathering area furniture, appliance technology and energy-efficient lighting systems.

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Big Ideas for Small Kitchens WEBINAR

Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

Get creative with small kitchens. Learn how to create multi-tasking centers, incorporate multi-functional appliances and expand "visual space."

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What's New in Kitchen Ventilation: From Design Trends to Performance Improvements WEBINAR

What's New in Kitchen Ventilation...

Explore cooking appliances, new technologies, how technologies impact the placement of the appliance and the surrounding storage space for the appliance, and LED lighting.

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Problem Solving Kitchens: Designing for Younger Generations and Your Best Boomer Friends WEBINAR

Problem Solving Kitchens

Learn how to match kitchen design with generational needs and preferences, including the multi-generational family.

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